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With over a decade in combined experience in B2B Sales, Hospitality, Event and Retail our team is equipped to deliver a memorable customer experience while driving the bottom line for our clients.

  • 01 Retail Experiences

    This is where we have the opportunity to capture a high volume of customers, offer an enthusiastic experience and show our clients that retail is still a thriving avenue for them.

  • 02 Event Marketing + Staffing

    With thousands of people at any given trade show or event, we understand the need to have highly engaged, energetic and motivated ambassadors. No team? No problem - we got you.

  • 03 Leadership Development

    Companies are desperate for strong representation, and we deliver through a hyper-focus on Leadership training for all employees at Hyght.

  • 04 Market Research

    Through technology and countless interactions, we have developed a systematic approach to collecting data that matters which offers clients necessary insights to adapt.